FAQ’s | California Expungement Attorneys

Why Petition For An Expungement?

An expungement is often a necessary step in obtaining meaningful employment or pursuing a career.  Cleaning up and protecting your record—expungement law—is an area of law in which Expungement Professionals has extensive experience.  Most people with past criminal convictions will be able to have their records expunged.  If you are still on probation you will need to apply for an early termination of probation and then proceed with the expungement.

An expungement releases the petitioner from most penalties and disabilities resulting from the criminal conviction.  This may help you in seeking employment, funding home or school loans, and obtaining child custody in dissolution proceedings.

Do I Have To Admit My Arrest On An Employment Application?

Generally, you are not obligated to disclose any expunged conviction.  Once criminal charges have been dismissed they are deemed never to have occurred.  However, you must disclose your arrest or conviction in three circumstances:

(1) Application for public office

(2) For licensure by any state or local agency, or

(3) For contracting with the California State Lottery

Will All My Rights Be Restored?

An expungement restores most, but not all of your rights.  Your right to own a firearm will not be restored if that right was taken away due to a felony conviction.  Moreover, your expunged conviction may be used in later proceedings against you in sentencing and to impeach you as a defendant in subsequent proceedings.  It is important to speak with an experienced attorney in order to know all the possible consequences of your conviction.

Will I Be Charged More Money If The District Attorney Objects?

No.  Every expungement is automatically set on calendar so that an experienced attorney appears on your behalf.  Strategy and preparation of arguments are included in every case.

Do I Have To Go To Court?

Generally, no appearance is required.  However, in rare circumstances, the judge may require that you appear, but this is generally not the case.

Why Should I Hire An Attorney?

As attorneys, we can give you legal advice, argue your case before the court, directly request approval from the District Attorney and Probation, and personally guide you through the entire expungement process.  A document preparation service cannot represent you or your interests in court.

Moreover, document preparation services cannot anticipate and prepare for possible objections by the District Attorney and Probation.  A document service company will only fill out your petition, mail it in, and hope the judge signs off on it.  We prepare, file and serve your petition, set a court date, and argue your case before the court – no hidden fees or other charges.

How Long Does It Take To Receive a Decision?

We understand your time is valuable.  Usually, our clients are seeking expungements or record sealing because they are anticipating a background check from a current or potential employer.  Therefore, it is imperative that the court receive your petition and your case be heard immediately.  A document preparation service is only mailing in your petition.  This may take several months to receive a response from the court.  We go to court every time and are able to obtain judgment in a matter of weeks after filing your expungement petition.  We understand your time is valuable and are dedicated to expediting this process so you can move on with your life.

Caution: There are many websites and document processing services giving false information and acting as attorneys when in reality they possess none of the above mentioned qualifications.  Please be sure to personally consult a California Attorney before you spend any money or commit to any contract.  You can verify any California Attorney here.